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Amy Amitay, LMHC
Psychotherapist . Sex Therapist . Addiction Specialist

Tap into your ability to validate the walk you are on. Shed your shame. Own your truth. Tell your stories. Magic lives there. And so does transformation. 

-Alex Elle 

how does therapy work?

Individuals engage in psychotherapy to reduce suffering and enhance their quality of life. As a licensed psychotherapist, I provide you with a safe, affirming space to share about emotions, thoughts and behaviors that are impacting your daily functioning, relationships and sense of self. Through collaboration, we explore the origin of these concerns, identify and deconstruct your belief system, work together to process the past and come to a resolution. This undertaking eventually provides the path for growth and change.


The difficulty with this work lies in untangling maladaptive thoughts and behaviors that have become internalized as a result of repeating established patterns that negatively impact a person's relationships and perception of themselves. However, I am a strong proponent of self-empowerment as a means of unlearning learned behaviors and resolving conflicts related to self-understanding. 

Throughout this process, I make an active effort to encourage you to trust your narrative, increase your self-awareness, recognize the strength in vulnerability, feel comfortable identifying and expressing emotions, feel confident advocating for yourself, acknowledge your power to create change and, ultimately, to experience a life that fosters self-acceptance.


Whether you're seeking a non-judgmental space to journey through this process on your own or you're at an impasse with your partner(s), I can help. 


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